Billet Wax

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A high performance exclusive carnauba wax blend in an exclusive aluminum billet jar. The wax blend inside these jars is a high performance hybrid wax perfect for any time of the year! A high Carnauba percentage blended together with paraffin and Montan wax and natural oils for a deep finish with stunning gloss and hydrophobics. Long lasting protection thanks to three polymers. Natural in colour with a sweet scent.
The jars have been machined out of a billet of Aluminum and machined in a way that the lids seat and screw with ease and there will be no chance of cross threading. Each jar has taken hours of machining by machine and by hand, and then some have been sent for blasting and then anodizing in 4 matte finished colours and some have also been sent to be polished and all have the ODK shield logo laser etched onto the lid. The jars hold just over 100ml of wax. A truly amazing wax for a very reasonable price point.