About Us


Our aim is to offer luxury car care products but at a realistic price point. All our products are handmade and hand poured in the UK, focusing on usability, performance and protection. Our passion and drive is still as strong as ever, and we continue to slowly expand our product range with our own unique twist. We also provide business manufacturing services, developing carnauba waxes for other brands within the automotive product market, and to date have a large number of UK and European brands we work closely with, from small to large stage businesses. 


ODK's history is well documented on Detailing World, our journey into developing waxes started in June 2012, after using some waxes and sealants while detailing cars and never being blown away by the finishes we were getting,  This led us to looking on Detailing World and following some threads of some people who had started homebrewing carnauba waxes. I immediately started researching heavily and done 3 months research before i even made my first attempt. After 12 months of painstaking development and smashing through hurdle after hurdle we had a wax we were happy with. I had sent an earlier wax to Dodo Juice and they loved the wax and wanted it on their Independent Wax Label, and in September 2013 Chocwork Orange was launched Then in May 2014 we brought out another I.W.L wax with Dodo Juice, Mr Skittles wax, a limited edition wax of just 64 pots. ODK was launched October 2013 and the rest is history........




            Chocwork Orange and the limited edition Mr Skittles waxes.