Concours - All Round Wax

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Concours is part of the Concours Collection, and has the highest percentage of T Carnauba in any of ODK waxes. High grade ingredients and advanced polymers help achieve the perfect wax available. Easy on easy off formula, high durability, high gloss and great water behaviour in turn producing tall tight beads and great sheeting capabilities. A great all rounder! Stunning Mango fragrance and perfect for any colour cars, Concours is all you need for that perfect finish! 

Apply to contaminant free paintwork. Allow to cure between 5-10 minutes and buff off with a soft microfibre cloth. For optimal performance apply 2 coats leaving 45 minutes between layers. Durability 3-4 months.

GLOSS                   ****

DURABILITY           ***

APPLICATION        ***

REMOVAL              ***

FINISH                   ****