Solo - Silica Sealant

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Solo is a Silica Sealant that leaves unbelievable slickness and gloss whilst laying down a durable, protective layer. Solo can be used as a standalone product giving around 2-4months protection (depending on usage, weather and paintwork preparation.) It can also be used on top of Ceramic coatings, Waxes and even gloss PPF. Solo is so easy to use and delivers the ultimate finish every time.  

For best results:

1. Apply to clean, contaminant free surface using a microfibre applicator pad or cloth, and spread over the panel in a cross hatch method to achieve even coverage.

2. Allow to cure for 1 minute. (cooler temps you can apply to more panels at a time before final removal.)

3. Buff panel with a soft plush microfibre cloth, and repeat.

4. To allow to fully settle and cure leave as long as possible without getting wet. We recommend 3-4 hours to achieve best results.

5. Additional layers can be applied after 2 hours from first application.